Uncaged: The Planner

A transformational journal designed to bring out your best self.

Uncaged: the Planner is a journey to the inner depths of you. You will discover your wants, dreams, passions, strengths and fears. You will overcome every excuse for not having what you truly want. Some call it the wax-on wax-off process to cultivating the life you were meant to have.

Each month has a theme to guide you through an entire year dedicated to you.

Each week keeps you focused by creating a weekly theme, answering how you will be your best self and so much more.

The Daily Empowerment Sheet is where your dedication come in. Each day you set your intention, keep track of your foods, energy levels, insights and of course “to accomplish lists”.


* Note: orders shipping in late 2022

Make this year the beginning of the new you.

Goal Setting 101

Goal-setting is so important and most of us were never taught how to do it properly. The Year of You takes you through step-by-step to help you clarify what you want and the steps you need to take to get there, including the step you should take right now!

Setting an Intention

Intentions are necessary because if we do not set our intentions daily then life lives us versus us living life. We become victim to life’s circumstances. Intentions cut through the stresses of life like a laser beam!

Daily Spiritual Practice

A daily spiritual practice keeps us grounded, connected and reverent. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day it could radically transform your life. Your journal helps keep you on track because just the practice of writing in it is a spiritual practice.

Take a Sneak Peak

A few pages to show you how goal setting, having the right intentions and a daily spiritual practice can bring your life to life!