Are Narcissists Evil? Possessed by Demons?

Narcissism by its nature is a representation of human evil (lying, gaslighting, emotional abuse, cheating, ghosting, hoovering, did I mention LYING?) But are narcissists possessed by demons or spirits? Join me as I delve into this sensitive and often ignored topic as we look at the different types of evil and try to assess where narcissism falls. I also give you a CREEPY personal example and you’ll have to discern what you think- please share in comments!

Sparrow Spaulding, MS MC is an award-winning author, retired therapist, trauma recovery specialist, and trauma survivor. Her latest book, Uncaged, is a groundbreaking book on trauma recovery. It is a step-by-step manual to guide you through the process of healing for those who are ready to break the chains of trauma and truly become Uncaged! Link below for more info.


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