Healing Trauma With Facet Integration Theory and Technique

Sparrow details her theory on how trauma develops and how it holds us back. She calls it Facet Integration Theory and in this video she describes the basic tenets along with a brief example of how to integrate trauma through F.I.T.- Facet Integration Technique.

Many people talk about the inner child when discussing trauma. Sparrow gives a whole new meaning to the term “inner child” as she helps you discover all your inner children.

Sparrow Spaulding, MS MC is an award-winning author, retired therapist, trauma recovery specialist, and trauma survivor. Her latest book, Uncaged, is a groundbreaking book on trauma recovery. It is a step-by-step manual to guide you through the process of healing for those who are ready to break the chains of trauma and truly become Uncaged! Link below for more info.

Uncaged: https://amzn.to/3gQGcjC

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