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A Special Welcome from Sparrow

Hello Fellow Fledgling!
Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. I’m so happy you are embarking on this journey with me and that my message resonates with you. No matter what we have been through, we will never stop learning and growing so that we may break out of the cage and get the most out of life!

If you have found my work because you are a trauma survivor, my heart is with you. Healing from trauma is a lifelong journey and you don’t have to do it alone. Just like you, I am on my own path of recovery and I promise to share with you everything I learn and discover along the way. I leave no stone unturned in this process because I know it’s NEVER TOO LATE to live my best life. You know that, too, which is why you are here. You deserve happiness, peace, love, and freedom. You also deserve to have the courage to be yourself and speak your truth.  It’s time to live an UNCAGED life!

As a member of my community, I will keep you up on my latest blogs and videos, live streams, and my winter classes. If you are new to my work, my latest book is UNCAGED: Trauma Recovery Using Facet Integration Technique and it recently hit #1 for Inner Child Work on Amazon! It’s a must-read if you are a trauma survivor or are stuck in an area of life and cannot seem to break free. I share many of my own stories and those of my clients in hopes that you can relate and know that you’re not alone. I also give you a step-by-step process on how to get to know the parts of you that are still suffering and how to help them heal and integrate so you can live your best life. It is my best work to date and I am THRILLED to share it with you!
Uncaged, get it now: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo  |  iBooks
If you are REALLY motivated to have an AMAZING 2023 check out UNCAGED The Planner. It’s a daily guide designed to help you get crystal clear on your goals and what is holding you back from achieving them. It’s the wax-on wax-off of planners and each month has a special theme that will make you dig deep. I’m taking pre-orders now, so if you are interested click the link below to get your copy.
Uncaged The Planner, get it now: Sparrow Spaulding Shop
In closing, I want to share that The Sparrow Spaulding Show is getting ready to launch and I am over the moon! I’m going to bring you a show that dives into MANY relevant issues- everything from the latest health research, mental and emotional health issues (and what to do about them), current events, how pop culture is affecting us, and much more. This is a show for the thinking person, yet it will be fun and entertaining. Maybe even a bit risqué at times! The show should launch in the next few weeks so stay tuned! It will be airing on YouTube and Instagram so click below to follow me and get notifications. You don’t want to miss this!



Thanks again for subscribing. This is gonna be life-changing!


Hug yourself from me. Then check out my first book trailer below. An oldie but goodie 😉


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