Inner Child Work- The New Way to Look at ALL of Your Inner Children

Sparrow discusses her groundbreaking work in trauma recovery by discussing Facet Theory and how there are many more than one inner child inside us.

Think about it. Everyone says “heal your inner child” but how do we get to know this inner child? It’s almost like they are a nameless, faceless entity. The TRUTH is, there are several inner children that get solidified and developed in us during our childhood and each one is unique with her own set of needs, traits, fears, skills, and beliefs. It’s incredibly naive to think there is only one child.

When we identify each inner child and giver him/her a name, it makes it MUCH easier to get to know them, develop a relationship with them, and figure out how and why they are stuck in time. Usually, we need to go back and look at the trauma they experienced and help them resolve it. Then, we can invite them into present time.

This work is a total game changer and if you struggle with trauma or your past THIS is the book for you!

Sparrow Spaulding, MS MC is an award-winning author, therapist turned coach, trauma recovery specialist, and trauma survivor. Her latest book, Uncaged, is a groundbreaking book on trauma recovery. It is a step-by-step manual to guide you through the process of healing for those who are ready to break the chains of trauma and truly become Uncaged! Link below for more info.


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